The hand that rocks the cradle…

… she also manages the world.

Mothers… and all those who, with their love and attention, have been paving the
way since our first breath.
Breathing is life itself.
There is only one thing certain in life: the constant change.

The biggest lesson I learn as a mother is to be able to breathe as calmly and
rhythmically in tense situations as I have learned to breathe on the mat in the asanas
that are challenging or have been the case.

The biggest challenge for me is: practice the attitude of letting go. Not to intervene, notto control, but to accept. To accept and nottake upon myself what I experience around me.
Being able to maintain my inner integrity in difficult situations.

Daily yoga enables me to be able to find my breathing awareness through the tense times.
When we are tense, we often
block our breathing or have shallow breaths. That’s when we start to see
everyday challenges as difficulties.
Tension breeds fear or anger in us and we begin to feed the misconception that we
need to change something: -the situation, our child’s behavior, or perhaps something wrong with us? But the only thing we need to change is to be able to stay present (and not escape) from difficult situations.


Because the moment we elite what we have, we no longer see reality, but project our own erroneous part into the lived event. We see into or are infused by our own unaccepted mistakes, shame, forgotten or deeply buried memories in which we are deeply damaged.

So how do we practice letting go?
Connect our breathing with our consciousness.

Just because we allow what we have, it does not mean that we do not change it if necessary, but that we do not escape the situation.

We allow ourselves to breathe and with it to feel: we feel the flurry of our child, all the difficult feelings that the uncomfortable situation creates in us. With acceptance, violence is replaced by tenderness. Our consciousness migrates from our minds to our hearts. This is the place where we have the opportunity to rewrite stories that only create pain.
Let go.

2. The practice of openness to change:

As an individual, that is, before I became a mother, I thought of myself, I was quite flexible. I was able to transform my worldview, my diet, my surrondings overnight

Setting new goals for myself and making dreams come true that seemed unattainable at first.

As a mother, I was confronted with the fact that the flexibility I believed to be my own was just a semblance.

Children have the talent to be able to bring out of us and confront us with all the inner content that we want to deny. Suddenly we stand there facing our shadows. With shadows that are the infinite potential of our personality. An opportunity that only brightens up in our wildest dreams.

This inner fire can also burn us, become a smoke and lead us as

it turns into a bright flame. It’s up to us.

I try to stay open to the possibility of change. I try to flow together and seize opportunities that I truly embrace. I try to stay in motion, but in complete stillness. I allow the movements that follow each other in a continuous flow to change and thus bring me closer to the harmony that is born from the harmony that awakens in me.

3. Security:

I never thought I’d find my sense of security in setting healthy boundaries. One of the greatest realizations of my existence as a mother was that I was conflictaverse. However, disagreements are part of our daily lives. So I had no choice but to face this fear and resolve it in myself.

I realized that any disagreement is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. After all, our children did not come into our lives to mold them in our own image.

So I‘m learning parenting that is supportive but not powerful. I try to help my daughter articulate her own needs and not impose my own. I try to take advantage of tense situations to practice mindful breathing. I try to fill the space in and around myself with love instead of fear.

4. The power of cognition:

As a mother, I realized that achieving perfection is not achieved by eliminating mistakes. Quite the opposite. Today, I am absolutely sure that without making mistakes, we would not have the opportunity either to broaden the world we know or to know ourselves better. Seeing it all is a very painful process for me who is always striving for the best.

As a mother, I realized that I needed to soften. I need to learn to turn to myself with more compassion. The moments when Im not as conscious, attentive, or full of love – learning
not to widen them – by making me feel shame or guilt because of my stumbles.

Where does the misconception that I should have superhuman abilities come from?

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. By our behavior, not by our words, is what our children are educated. A compassionate hug, a loving gaze in which all pain dissolves is worth more than every word.

Cognition brings its own realizations. Recognition creates awareness and where consciousness is, there are endless possibilities.

5. Freshness:

I usually find freshness in learning. In my opinion, dreams that were once formulated and not realized never expire. So I’ve started the process of dusting my Italian language skills. The skills that I started to develop 20 years ago. Because the passion and attraction still continues to live in me toward this language.

I know from experience how learning a new language can open doors in a person that she did not even know existed. Its the development of new abilities, making new friendships, getting to know new places. It is a beginning of a new journey.

Today, during my language class, I was able to experience again the uncomfortable feeling of having a story, an impression, an experience, a thought, yet you cant express it in words. Just like getting to know the world as a kid.

I try to keep the impact of this experience to myself long enough to remember it even when Im standing there as a parent in tense situations with my visceral reactions. When I am able to receive seemingly impossible requests with curious contemplation; when I am able to slow down although I want to do it quickly; when I am able to listen instead of reacting immediately, I get a certainty that my daily yoga practice is not in vain.

After all, sudden reactions can be tamed. The response that was triggered by the influence of our strong urges and only made the situation worse. There are countless new opportunities.