Ashtanga Connections

  1. The practice of presence

The essence of our practice is to practice with presence. 

Presence in motion. 

Presence in breathing. 

Presence from movement to movement. 

Presence breath by breath. 

Presence in the process in which we learn to sinc our breathing with our movements. 

Practice starts on the mat, but it has to continue in our daily lives. 

Appearances exist only for the sake of deception. The real value lies in the consciousness brought to life. 

Because where consciousness is, there are endless possibilities! 

Practice, practice, preactice, the rest will come!

2. Moving-meditation

Our practice is actually a movement meditation. The two essential elements are movement and breathing. Bringing them into harmony is called “vinnyasa”. By joining the individual vinnyasa elements together, we learn a series of movements. (For example: Sun Salutation.)

By repeating this series of movements on a regular basis, we can achieve positive changes, experience “flow” and, as the most important benefit, bring our mind and body into harmony.

When the mind and body are in harmony, the tension between thoughts and actions is eliminated.

So start your daily practice! Just get started and the rest will come!