About me

I began practicing yoga in my home town, Budapest in the mid 90s. I completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training (with Janos Balint) in 2005 here. My passion for exploring cultures and for learning languages brought me to New Zealand where I spent 9 years. E-RYT500Here after years of study I gained my Ashtanga Yoga teacher certificate with a Yoga Alliance International Registration (2010-13).

Peter Sansonnal - Version 2
with Peter Sanson

In 2010 I met my teacher Peter Sanson who I have studied and later taught with from 2013 until 2015 January. I am most interested in working with students who want to bring more awareness into their practice  in a Mysore style class setting.  I also find working with the breath and meditation essential in order to bring healing and balance to the body-mind and spirit.   

Since 2015 I teach Yoga in Budapest in several places. For more information see the timetable. I teach my classes in two languages (English and Hungarian). My classes are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students.




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